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Counselling Process

Counselling is a process of connection between two individuals. It is a place where you can come and express yourself and feel heard, without fear of rejection or condemnation. Through the process, the counsellor will listen to you and help you engage in your story in a different way. They will also offer the client information about emerging psychological or mental health research that can shed light on their presenting concerns. 

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 The counselling process can seem intimidating to some, but our experienced and professional clinical team put you at ease right away. To help make the initial process easier, we are proud to offer a complimentary consultation – free of charge! During this session you can meet your therapist and find out if this process is a good fit for you, without a time or financial commitment. We offer this because we know you’ll love it! Check out what past clients had to say here.

Our Guarantee

For some, counselling can seem like a big step. Spending time and money on your mental health is not always something that is common in our culture. However, it is important to remember that counselling is no different than going to the dentist for a cleaning or going to see a doctor for a check up. There are real, negative side effects if we don’t take care of our mental health. We don’t function our best unless we are our best selves mentally.

We know that you will enjoy the counselling experience and see tangible changes in your own life. Because of this, we can offer a guarantee that other agencies in the area can’t offer. If you leave counselling and don’t think it was a worthwhile experience, we will give you your money back. So what’s keeping you from starting today? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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