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Helping Couples Find Freedom

When your relationship started, it was great. You found a special connection with someone who truly knew and understood you. However, over time you seem to have drifted apart. As a couple, so seem to have lost touch with what made you special. Can it ever be that way again?

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At Freedom Counselling we can help you rediscover the magic you used to have. How? By getting beyond the surface level tensions that are causing issues and getting to the heart of the matter. Helping you communicate and be honest with each other like you were in the beginning. Our process is simple, and we can guarantee effective results because our principles work. We believe in your relationship, and you should too!

Some reasons you might seek couple counselling are:

  • communication issues
  • infidelity
  • intimacy problems
  • parenting structure
  • divorce mediation

Experience Hope and Healing Today!

What can you expect when you come to couple counselling? A licenced, experienced therapist who is there to listen to you. Sometimes our problems seem smaller after we share them with a safe and confidential counsellor. Our therapists are outsiders to the situation, and so can help you rise above destructive patterns and habits. Instead, they can help introduce new, productive ways of relating that will rekindle the fire and passion that you once had.

How can we say this? Dr. Calista and Vern Ward are not only therapists with years of education and experience behind them. They are also a happily married couple of over 25 years. Their marriage has seen it all, and come through it stronger than ever! Contact Freedom Counselling today and take advantage of our complimentary 30-minute consultation – free of charge! Combined with our money-back guarantee you have no reason not to seek counselling. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

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