Our Mission || Freedom Counselling Vernon BC

Our Mission || Freedom Counselling Vernon BC

Calista Ward, Vern Ward, Freedom Counselling, Vernon BC, Counselling Vernon, mission, eagleOur Mission: “Helping you experience true freedom…”

Our name, Freedom Counselling, says a lot about what we do here. But what does our motto really mean? It means that we don’t view our clients simply as the set of problems they may have. Our clients are real people with value and potential.
Our ultimate goal is not simply to help you deal with the issues you are facing, although that may be the first step. Our mission is to work together with you toward a way of life that is marked by freedom in two important ways:


• from negative emotions and thoughts (like anxiety, anger, bitterness, depression, shame, guilt, despair)
• from destructive behaviors (like addiction, raging at others, 
sexual ‘acting out’)
• from relational problems (like marital conflict, infidelity, sexual tensions, parenting concerns)


• from the scars of past abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)
• from the hurt of past relationships
• from the pain of past failures
• from the grief of past losses


• to be honest with yourself
• to accept yourself the way you are
• to discover your ‘true’ identity
• to have confidence to pursue your dreams
• to live your life with purpose and passion


• to interact with others in a healthy way
• to set up appropriate boundaries

• to love out of devotion, not obligation