Testimonials || Freedom Counselling Vernon BC

Testimonials || Freedom Counselling Vernon BC

Here are testimonials from real, satisfied clients!

Over the past 15 years, thousands of clients have been helped through Freedom Counselling. Testimonials from clients were given in the course of routine written evaluations and were not solicited. Used with permission. Anonymity was assured.

Vern Ward, Calista Ward, Counselling, Freedom Counselling, Vernon BC“Extremely enlightening. I feel very hopeful after this first session…”

“It has helped me (and my husband) to learn new communication and trust skills. [Freedom Counselling] has changed the course of our lives by giving us tools to move forward…”

“Has given me a great deal of hope. Not bad because I had no hope when I started…”

“Develops plans and strategies to work on to improve oneself…”

“I wish honestly more than anything I would have had counselling many years ago…”

“The advice was simple and made sense to me…”

“Positive changes have occurred with the assistance of your services…”

“The environment was very welcoming…”

“Very personal and informative, non-judgemental, great feedback…”

“The counseling has totally changed our marriage…”

“I was able to work through my barriers… in a very practical way… I couldn’t have imagined a better, more successful experience…”

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